Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Romilly after 50 hours
I think she is pretty much finished now, the paper's starting to get a bit rough from the brushing.
SBA Assignment 9 (Romilly the Rose): 7.45/10

The Rose

by Ted Hughes

Unconcerned with men's writings,
In a dingy corner of her room
Flames to its petal-fringe, and no further,
Keeping perfect propriety,
Its petals not a lyrical cry, like the anguished lily,
But a muffled thunder of perturbation,
A coloratura of openings, beckonings,
The simple, cool eyes, the core hectic.
Miniature admirers with black legs disport themselves.
Your picture floats, logical, illogical,
With flames, with undies, without drapery,
Wide open, your secret averted
As the sharp-nosed critic, the puritan
Rejects the excess of your silks,
And your abandon, like the needlessness of a parrot,
Mountain behind mountain, dawn beyond dawn.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Romilly after 34 hours

This is what I did on Thursday evening... making the top rose darker and blending in the colours with a dry brush. I am taking a break this weekend as I am rather tired when I get back home in the evenings after work. Yoga tomorrow, so Romilly will be resumed on Tuesday hopefully!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Romilly after 19 hours...

Back on with the brush tonight... I have tomorrow and the next day off work, so will get cracking on with Romilly. I began to do the dissections last week and rather enjoyed it. Roses have complicated ovaries, well, not the ovaries as such, but the hips. The hips are actually hypanthium tissue enlarged, and inside the walls of the hypanthium are several ovaries, which each individually houses an ovum. Complicated! All members of the Roseaceae are rather odd. Strawberries are in the Rosaceae and they don't have a real fruit - it is a false fruit or in other words - a swollen hypanthium (the red bit is the hypanthium). It's at time like this I wished I drew a member of the liliaceae or solanaceae...


Petal close up - having trouble with this at the moment - trying to get the grey right in the shadow - I think it needs a little red which I am guessing is in the reflected light? Suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Romilly the Rose after 6 hours

Yes - I just went straight in here - no preliminary sketches, and no composition arrangements - no time and I don't usually bother anyway... Just gotta dive straight in! Never done a rose before, so this will be interesting. I am not expecting this one to be very good, it has to be said as I am still struggling with my brushes and drive.