Friday, 29 July 2011

Yvonne the Yellow Long-horned Poppy, Sapphie the Samphire, Barry the Biting Stonecrop, Felicity the Fescue, Carol the Campion and Kevin the Kale all got together for a picnic by the sea...!

SBA Assignment 10 (Maritime Plants): 9.20/10

So I have been sat on my milking stool all day with these paintings and if I am honest I am pretty sick of them, which probably isn't helping my progress. It's taken me all day to do those Kale seeds... Still I quite like the fact that the Kale leaf is not finished and is still in washes in parts, as it's watery, like the sea.

It does irritate me that there is not enough time to do these pieces of work probably though. It is after all the quality one is aiming for here. I don't like to churn out pieces just because someone told me to... I want my painting to have more integrity.

Once this is posted, I am looking forward to reading more of my book - the 'Clash of Kings' which I am very much enjoying since I watched 'The Game of Thrones' on television. Can't wait for the next series, so I am reading the books instead. I am also looking forward to carrying on with my sewing which I started a few months back, but really got into it while I was on holiday. I will post pictures of this soon. Currently though, the needlework is under lock and key at my boyfriends house so that I am not tempted to work on it when I ought to be painting! Which reminds me... back to the brushes!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Penultimate Night...

Just got to finish the seed head on the Kale, the Kale leaf and the Poppy flowers and then a quick dash to the photocopier tomorrow ready for postage on Saturday morning. I have to say it is Kevin the Kale I am most enjoying - he has such amazing colours.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Page one is almost finished...

Another late night at Inky Leaf Towers tonight...! I feel a bit more positive about this piece now I have the Sea Campion at the bottom and the two dissections at the top. I am very tired though! I have Thursday and Friday to finish the Kale. In the end I have rather enjoyed this piece, although it has been unfortunate that it has had to be done in such fits and spurts with work commitments, Glastonbury and family things popping up all over my timetable this summer. Still I think that is the nature of this course - just have to squeeze in the painting when you can!

August and September look to be quieter months, so hopefully I can really get back into what I want to be doing with my brushes. I find my work gets too bitty when my life itself gets bitty and compartmentalised. Does anyone find the same?

Night night!

P.S. I have realised that all my images are DREADFUL at the moment in quality... I must apologise - something about doing them all in the middle of the night after a long stint. I hope to get a nice crisp image uploaded later in the week when it is finished.

Monday, 25 July 2011

A late night painting to my Amy Winehouse album...

Google goes Botanical

Nice find by my mum last week while I was away...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Progress of sorts...

So it was my day off work today, and therefore time to attack this beast of a project full pelt... Started of well, and I thought for a moment that I may even finish this sheet by night time, but alas I was very much mistaken. The Festcua rubra was REALLY intricate to do and so took me several hours to complete. I did enjoy it though, and drifted off several times in a meditative state whilst applying layer upon layer of paint. I like it when that happens. So, I am glad to say that the Festuca is complete now... I have also started off a Biting Stonecrop in the right hand corner. Regrettably I have not even started the Sea Campion yet, so I will start that tomorrow after work.

Please feel free to click on the image and then zoom in using the magnifier to see the detail...

What is surprising is how long it takes to shade in one of those pebbles too... It is very obvious if you press too hard with the pencil or make a mistake because of their smoothness. what is also surprising is how difficult it is to get a proper photograph of this piece! I think the colours in this particular study, being glaucous and pink makes it a nightmare to colour correct the image. So it doesn't look very good online. Apologies for that... Will have to see Andy in Farringdon to scan it in at some point!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Still trying to squeeze in a few hours every night - tonight its a midnight night!

Working on the Yellow Horned Poppy at the moment... It's a small nightmare because it is hairy, but not in a fine way that is easy to illustrate, but in a thick-almost-like-spines-way :( The masking fluid did not work, so I am trying to lift with my brush. I think at the end I may attack the surface with a scapel, which is something I really don't like to do, as it is dangerous and cheating, but it is the only way to get these things done... White hair-spikes - a word of advice - AVOID.

Kale pootling along nicely... having trouble working out what to put next to it. Suggestions on a card please! I am thinking a Fucus, as it is has to be something strong. Right, I am going to carry on now after that mini-break. Listening to Blondie from my bedroom window. She is playing a gig tonight in Kew Gardens and she sounded rather good during practice, it has to be said!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011

New work on the Inky Leaves Website!

So my wonderful and talented boyfriend has improved Inky Leaves by loading up more of my work, making the site more up to date. He has also included links to my published work and added some more sections in, including space for a shop, where I hope to offer some of my original work and prints for sale.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this! - much better in firefox or google chrome

Friday, 1 July 2011

Working on an lunar eclipse day is so hard!

Saltmarsh Flora after 12 hours

I suppose I have managed to achieve some work, but I've been pretty restless today, too busy thinking about where I am heading and about the things I want to be doing in the next few years. I decided to make this piece of coursework very different from my style to see where I'd end up, so I have used graphite - a medium I don't get along with and fiddled with the composition. I quite like the effect. The Festuca flowers are not get done, nor the Poppy. I hope to get a Sea Campion to the right of the Poppy, and a Sedum to the right of the Samphire, along with dissections. For me to be on target, I need to get this completed by 8th really, and then another A3 by the 15th becuase I am going on holiday to Spain on the 16th. It's tight - VERY TIGHT. I am going to have to work after my day job to complete these, so I will probably need a holiday by the time I get them done!