Sunday, 29 July 2012

Slowly getting back to normal

With my bloods having come back normal after being on a sugar-free and low carb diet for 6 weeks I am pretty pleased. Slowly getting my health back on track, but it's taken time and alas I haven't been painting as much because of it. I find myself being quite energy deficient after a day at work - too tired to paint. But I have been thinking... and the next batch of paintings have been planned!

Still plugging away at the Bare Necessities Project and was impressed when I spotted digital food labels in Marks and Spencer's yesterday. A sign of things to come I feel... mini LCD screens showing a short film of what to do with your asparagus. I felt like I had walked into a sci-fi film and had to pinch myself. Then it dawned on me that I really am alive in the 21st Century, in the 3rd millenium and this is that it's like - digital.

Been reading about Alighiero Boetti - will do a post about him next I think. I like his embroidery work and just the way he worked. Gutted I missed the exhibition at Tate Modern, but at the time I was knuckling down to completing the SBA course and that's probably why it escaped my radar.  

I did a bit on Monstera problema last night, just a couple of houses bit it all counts.

Monstera delicosa - a work in progess

Thursday, 26 July 2012

 The Three Kings

Just a quick sketch this one... It is the view from Henry's mum's house in Riogordo, Spain. I love the Spanish landscape - the big blue skies and the contrast between the mountainous areas with the fields and groves. I surprise myself when I say I like it, as I usually go for luscious areas like Sideman in Bali, but I do find Spain appealing too. I like the openness. Whenever I am in Spain I feel like conquering the world. It's landscape fills me with boundless enthusiasm, energy and optimism.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

'2011 Grapes' are now in a book

I have yet to get my hands on a copy (they haven't yet sent me one) so I am still not sure how well the colour reproduction is, but regardless of this I am very pleased that my watercolour work has been published. The book is called 'Exotic Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project' and is available from Amazon. I think that there is a delay in the release date for American readers, but I know it's definitely out in England.

If you are interested in obtaining a limited edition print of this painting please email me at The edition is a small run of 20 and they have been very popular so I only have a few left. They are all printed on heavy weight, acid-free paper. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

 Lots of sewing... might do some painting tonight
Meine Mandlebrot #1:

Yogi Lion (a present for Henry):

I may do some more work on my Swiss Cheese Plant tonight, but in the meantime I have been working on these two projects still. I want to get them finished and I find them easier to work on at the moment as I have been on quite a few train rides and not been at my desk much. Yogi Lion needs to be finished very soon so I am busily stitching away on this piece. So far I have downward dog and headstand almost completed. I am making them up as I go along - best way I think, but not for everyone I know!