Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tying up loose ends

Well didn't 2013 get a good start?! Such a beautiful sunny day with big blue skies full of what my mother calls: 'Optimistic Blue'. I had a very relaxing Christmas - lots of socialising and merriment and a whole day was spent watching Carry On films back to back. I also had to work the New Year side of yuletide (as in the Kew sort of work rather than the artistic kind) so it wasn't all relaxation. Kew Gardens was free to visitors over the Christmas period so it was quite busy, but then I quite like it when it is busy as it keeps me on my toes.

After New Year's Day I started to pack my bedroom into boxes. This is because I am trying to make it more of a studio with a bed in it than a bedroom with a desk in it. So far so good - now I just need to locate a drawing board and then I am there! It has to be said that I am very excited about this year - I have lots of plans and of course I will make a start on my Big Painting as 2013 unfolds. However - first thing is first - framing for the SBA exhibition and finishing Three Times Over. Oh and I need to get rid of these boxes... I suppose one must pace themselves...


Yesterday though, whilst hidden deep within a mountain of boxes, I did a pen and ink drawing. It is not yet complete, but something that I wanted to do. It's been ages since I have used my pen in this way and it felt good to get back into it. 

I am also intending to complete this sampler tomorrow (12th night and the end of Christmas and 2012 in my head).  I have added a back to it like I usually do, so that they can decide if they want to keep it as it is or frame it if they want to. This couple migrate a  lot so it makes sense for now to have it in this format so they can fold it away in their suitcase. I wanted to add more bits to it, but I also quite like the simplicity of it and the Germanic 'look', so I decided to leave it as it is.