Friday, 5 April 2013

Music Hiding In The Air by Christian McEwen

Music Hiding in the Air by Christian McEwen

I have just been informed that another book about Rory McEwen is due to come out this Spring! The book is a beautiful memoir about Rory McEwen and is entitled ‘Music Hiding in the Air’. It talks about Rory intimately and honestly. Christian really helps you to understand the man on an emotional level and it very touching in his words. The book comes with some family pictures and four or five reproductions of his artwork and talks about his musical career. It’s a small book and will be on sale from May, in the Kew store, to coincide with the show. If you like Rory's work, I recommend adding this little gem to your collection.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, here are the details:

Title: Music Hiding In The Air

Publisher: Bauhan Publishing. Distributed in the UK by Eurospan.

ISBN: 978-0-87233-166-2

Price: £9.99

At this point in time the book is not available through tax-dodging Amazon, but it will be available at the Kew retail store and an independent book seller can order it in for you. Or, you can order your copy personally through:

G. Heywood Hill Ltd, 10 Curzon St, London W1J SHH. Tel: 0207 629 0647.

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