Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hiding in Spain

I saw this video on YouTube and thought I'd share it with you all. For me it's very apt. Please don't worry - am not dying (although I guess we all are to some extent), it's just a good reminder of what we need to be doing with our time. Since writing my last post I am still meditating on my take on time. I have had a few shake up calls from my family too and have a distinct feeling I really do need to get on with it. Although I need to be careful of what 'it' actually is. I have way too many ideas, and I need to break them down and chew them over for a few more days.

Despite all this deep philosophical chewing, I am having a lovely relaxing time here with the family. Henry and I frequently come to Andalucia because both our parents live very close to one another and it's great seeing them. It's even better when they live so close to such beautiful scenery!

Mum and Andrew's lake

Looking forward to my return to the UK. I can't tell you how much I have missed Drew my drawing board! I have tried to do a bit of painting in the garden here, but it isn't the same as painting on Drew. I have also missed our little back garden, and hope that everything is still alive. I am sure my housemates have done a super job of looking after my green babies! 


  1. Not quite our lake, but we live very close to it!

  2. Exactly...I've spent too long quietly believing this...in every moment it is important that we live and give as ourselves once we have found IT. Lovely to read your musings..I've mused on facebook and been told by friends to "get a life" or that I have "too much time on my hands"...after seeing this video..the last quote seems humorous.
    Love Gavin x