Tuesday, 15 April 2014

100,000 Page Views

I would like to say big thank you to all of my readers. This week has been quite something and to top it all off we managed to reach a big landmark in the world of InkyLeaves. Last night someone viewed/clicked on the hundred thousandanth page on the Inky Leaves blog!

Clive, Clover and Clivinda the Clivia seeds...
This is a huge achievement which has been made possible through teamwork. We are all part of this journey and what an exciting one it is!

My deepest thanks to you all for being so supportive, interested and open to new ideas. Together we make the world a more fascinating place to be present in, for both ourselves and our audiences.

Have a great day - I know I will.

P.S. Have a happy lunar eclipse, especially if you are lucky enough to see it!


  1. Hi Jess
    I've just returned from being in the wild and 'out of range', and read your latest updates. I have to say, Jess, that I think you are a star in the making, on so many levels. The service you give to spreading the word about the plant kingdom is acomplished with verve and charm and a great deal of love, not just for the plants but for humanity. The joy you express in bringing people, plants, and purpose all together is inspiring and spectacular and has far ranging effects. This all adds up to an investment for the future that is in some ways beyond calculation and something those who know you delight in being a part of.

    1. Oh Coral, you are so kind - what a lovely, thoughtful comment to have written. I have to say I have missed you! I hope you had a lovely time in the wilderness. I wasn't sure if you came to the PV at the gallery the other week... wasn't sure if I missed you. I sadly wasn't working that shift as I had a Spanish lesson that I had already paid for and wasn't really in the mood to sacrifice!

      I aim to bring everyone together, so I am pleased that it seems to be having that effect. I always try to be as holistic as possible, but it hard in a world has a tendency to be competitive, rather egocentric and fear.ful I myself am in that mix - I battle with it daily! Don't we all?!

      So I guess it's all eyes look in as I wait to see if the funding comes through on this MRes... in the meantime, I reckon it's probably time to look at making at start at getting on the other side of the hedge.

      Hope your latest work is going well. You are such an inspiration to us all and your name came up so often over the RHS weekend... They all love your Iris and Lily you know...

  2. Absolutely, it is demanding to answer the needs of our natural ambition and competitiveness, whilst keeping an overall view of the bigger picture and doing service therein. I feel that ultimately we all stay balanced by doing both.

    I am always something of a hermit in a cave when I am painting. However, on 8th May I am joining the group from Denver at the gallery, so I hope very much to see you then.

    How really touching to know people like the large works on display.
    Thank you so much for saying, Jess.