Tuesday, 22 July 2014

¡Me Voy a España!

Our local lake in the Winter

So as time is ticking on, I find myself packing boxes, ordering extra sheets of paper and saying good bye to Brick Lane. It's been an emotional few months that is for sure. There has been a lot of retrospection and tying up of loose ends as I prepare myself for the next step. It's a bold one - Inky Leaves is moving studio to Spain! I have been very lucky in that my mother and stepfather have offered a place for me to stay while I work towards building a portfolio of work and learn what it is really like to paint full-time. This is a tad scary, as I have never painted full time and I might end up falling out of love with it, but then you never know how it will go unless you try. I'd much rather give it a try than regret not having tried at all when I am on my death bed. 

The Almond fields near our house in Spring

With all of this in mind, I have also taken the plunge and booked some driving lessons. My test is scheduled for August. Fingers crossed. I am also picking up my Spanish lessons again and going for a little holiday to Galacia with my house mate. We have both been through the wars, so it'll be a time of healing for both of us and hopefully a lot of fun!  So at this rate my 30th birthday will be in Andalucia, and maybe a rather quiet affair. Might have a trip to the cemetery with all the locals as it is right next to the day of the dead and it's tradition to have a trip to the cemetery in the night.

One of the local lakes in Summer
Along with my portfolio work I hope to do a series of paintings for a book that will be published by Kew Gardens and my mother and I are looking at the possibility of running some courses. I really hope the funding comes through for this book, as it would be such a good experience for me and I believe something rather lovely to have on a bookshelf. Even if I do say so myself!

The Sierra Nevada in Autumn
So yes - ¡Adiós Amigos! I will be blogging again once I am on tierra española


  1. It looks a stunning place Jess - very inspiring and lots of beautiful light, perfect for drawing and painting and dreaming.
    Lucky you have your lovely Mum which makes the transition more homely - I am sure it will be the beginning of a wonderful new cycle full of possibility.
    I look forward to all your blog posts and seeing new works come to fruition!
    With much love from Vicki and Tod and the family ...
    Mitch will be heading to Spain but not close to you.

    1. Thanks Vicki for your lovely comments - I hadn't thought about the light but you are spot on. It will be lovely to paint with. Oooo where abouts is Mitch going? I will be in Galacia in the first week of August to see a friend - can't wait. Looking forward to seeing the north very much as I haven't been to Galacia before. I hope Mitch has a lovely time.

      Thanks for all of your encouragement. Much love..

  2. What a wonderful opportunity Jess, you must be so excited, and just a little apprehensive too. I am sure you will find plenty of inspiration to keep you busy and it will be great for you to spend quality time with your Mum and plan the next step. Really well done, and the very best of luck. Enjoy every minute.

    1. Thanks Jarnie - so lovely for you to comment and to send your best wishes. I am very much looking forward to the move, but you are right - I am a bit nervous! I seem to be doing a sensational job of distracting myself with chores and blogging and the like and it's not really sunk in. I am sure once I finish Kew completely and start to move house things will begin to settle in a bit. Anyway - let me know if you are in the region - would be super to chat over a Sangria!

  3. Good Luck Jess. I'm sure there will be some awesome inspiration out there, not least a new perspective. I'm sure some time with your Mum will stir the creative juices in you both. I look forward to seeing you both rise to the challenge. A new art form perhaps from Kitty & Jess or Jess & Kitty !!xx

    1. Thanks Chris! Yep let's see how it goes. My first big trip is to the centre of Islamic studies as apparently they have the most amazing archive there and that's where some if the Islamic art is. I'm desperate to find Islamic examples if bot art. Mum and I might even get a collection together. The possibilities are endless. I'm thinking 'The Elliot Sisters'