Saturday, 2 May 2015

Vicia Faba to Julius Caesar or just haba if you're over here

Been quiet. No reason for it. Just a time for working a lot, playing with the cat, admiring the garden, starting a book, whilst trying not to think too much.  Had a day of getting to grips with the Spanish roads today which has left me rather exhausted.. I might have to put the kettle on despite it being 35 degrees and possibly a bit too hot for a pot.

Broad Bean
Broad Bean - Vicia faba - a work in progress £500 - SOLD

Here's the latest and I hope to complete it next week - Broadbeans from our local field! I decided not to put the beans in, as they made the composition look really weird. They do grow at a funny angle it has to be said. For me, it was all about the flowers - black spiders sitting on pumped up white pillows - so dramatic! They just completely take you by surprise. This is a commission for someone - I hope they like it. I still have a fair amount of work to do on it, but it's getting there. So far I have worked on it for 30 hours - I predicted 50. The painting measures 76cm tall x 56cm wide. 

Broad bean field
Me looking bloody serious working in the field (not sure why I am so serious)...
Yep, that's the Sierra Nevada behind.
Oh and here's paradise... It does exist - it moves around. I am lucky in that a certain form of it has popped up in our back garden. Sometimes one just can't paint fast enough...

I always think of Alice in wonderland in this Rose Garden and consequently I
like to sing 'We're Painting the Roses Red' when I am in it

Our front door now has our Agapanthus on either side.
I forced mum to bring them back from the other house as we both love them so much.

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