Saturday, 4 February 2012

Runner beans and a postcard

So I have done a bit more sketchbook work. Tried to find some flowers to paint for the next assignment, but everything is pretty much dead, even the poor Daffodils that came out too early. So it looks like I may have to resort to the supermarket after all. Pity, as I prefer to paint things that I find. I did find some beautiful cherries in the frost all plump, semi-transparent, a burgundy red and juicy. They were surrounded by a thicket of cripsy, curled brown birch leaves. The contrasting sight was quite extraordinary and I really wanted to paint them. However, I worry I'd loose marks with there not being any flowers, so maybe that's for another day...

My mum came to visit me on Thursday which was lovely. She arrived with this postcard which she bought on ebay. It's a fabulous painting of a Narcissus poeticus. Both she and I like the grey-blue background. Oddly enough, she hadn't looked at the other side until arriving in London and on the reverse was an address to Bognor Regis. This was my home town (and her's one time). Don't you just love it when odd things like that occur? I do like a coincidence and a bit of serendipity.

Narcissus poeticus

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