Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sketchbooks, Borris and a thank you

Magnolia sketch 30.01.2012 (work in progress)

So, I have been busy trying to get some work done, but as usual it's slow going! Sadly I have really hurt my left hip and left shoulder trying to get the work done and this is slowing me down. I am planning on seeing an acupuncturist this week to begin sorting it out. I think both are probably a mixture of some emotional blockage as well as a physical problem. Not sure if a drawing board would help. I was fine in Bali, all screwed up with a pad on my lap, then I return en Angleterre and bam! :(

My two notebooks - these make up the bulk of my sketchbooks. More writing than watercolour work! I found this much more useful than practice painting, but if I had the time I'd have done both. Here I am analysing other artists work, saying what I like, what I don't like and trying to learn from their mistakes. I think this is a vital part in all art work and feel that the SBA course needs more of this in its syllabus. In book one I am analysing a painting by Lilian Snelling before doing assignment five. In book two I am looking at a waterlily ready for assignment 11.

I also wanted to thank you all, as not only was January 2012 a bumper month for me (I had the most visitors I have ever had in a month), but I have also passed 16,000 visitors since I began this blog in 2009! I can't begin to describe what a boost your visits and comments give me - so thank you. I hope you find Inky Leaves a fun and inspirational place to visit.

Boris - I was going to post a picture of him after my work on Sunday, but alas my camera has just ran out of battery and I am not at home, so I will have to do this later. I am starting to work on the pale yellow flowers and am finding this a difficult task. If anyone has any tips for me, I would be grateful. I am using a greenish-grey for the shadows and am hoping that this will work.


  1. Hi Jess, sorry to hear that all your hard work has caused injury. Good luck on getting it sorted and wishing you better.I love your notebook work. I also keep a record of work I like from other artists and find it really helps. What a milestone! well done on the success of Inky Leaves, keep up the good work :)

  2. Thanks! Yes it is a bit of a milestone isn't it?! A nice feeling to have been read that many times. I hope this back sorts out too. Hope to see someone next week. Thanks for your kind words.