Sunday, 26 May 2013

Inky Leaves at the Espacio Gallery - Preview Night

So it was the opening night of 'Natural Selection' at the Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road on Friday night and it was an absolute blast! It was super seeing all the other artists work and to meet my friends. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me, including you. Without the encouragement of my readers and followers this exhibition might not have happened.

The Botanical Paintings all in a Row
Sally was everyone's favourite - she is such a poser!
There was a lot of excellent work on the walls in this show, so do pop in if you can. I am invigilating the space a couple of times during the fortnight, so drop me an email if you want to meet me in the gallery. My favourite work was by Kit Boyd who had some really beautiful etchings on show. Apparently he also has a solo show from 31st May at the Barbican Library so I might have to pop in and see that. It was his little creatures in seed pods against a London skyline that I liked so much, they had a wonderful nurturing quality to them.

I also liked Carlos Martybn Burgos' work. He works in tea, so naturally a favourite! I very much liked Tania Beaumont's work - she had several beautiful  prints on display and a couple of really seductively made three dimensional canvases which had a Georgia O'Keeffe feel to them. Kirsty O'Leary had some super graphite pieces on show. She interestingly draws on plaster which actually gives the graphite a super smooth quality to it - such a great idea! I think you guys will like her work as she does a lot of beautiful trees. 

Pod by Richard Rogan Brown
The incredible work by Richard Rogan Brown

Lastly incredibly detailed work by paper artist Richard Rogan Brown is on show too. I have never seen anything like it. I am impressed that someone can work both two and three dimensionally in one piece

Interviewing Inky Leaves at the Espacio Gallery
This took me by surprise - there was a camera crew there and they came over to my corner for an interview.
Inky Leaves at Espacio Gallery
Team Monthope Road (my street) came to support me on the night. I am so lucky to have such great friends
Espacio Gallery
A view of the upstairs portion of the gallery space - a busy night!
Putting on the Inky Leaves stickers onto my prints - my step dad made these for me and it was brilliant getting them on the night.


  1. Stickers look great and the whole event looks very electric, well done that girl. Congratulations of selling too.
    MUM xxx

  2. Richard Rogan Brown is on this great web site and I agree his work is amazing, but look I found a page on you there too.

    1. Hi mum,

      Thanks for the new URL. Yes I am on artslant too. It's part of the Espacio Gallery which is pretty cool. They made me a profile!

  3. Really lovely to see it all going so well Jess, you are certainly getting out there. Great labels too. x

    1. Thanks Jarnie! It's a big journey which we are all on together and it's great to be able to show people what we do. Looking forward to seeing more of your work at the SBA!