Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A bit of scale

Today I am posting these photographs to give you all an idea of the scale of Green Giant. You might be able to notice from the pictures (cue squinting at your respective computer screens) that I made a start on four leaves yesterday, including two of the top ones. I can see the finishing line...! Which means I intend to make my next post on this painting the very last one showing you the finished piece, thus making this the penultimate post. I am aware that it gets boring after a while. 'Yes, yes Jess - you did another leaf. Anything new Jess? No? Ok, so I guess we have to make do with leaves AGAIN...' I suppose the clue about the content of this online spiel is in the title of this blog, but even I'm finding myself getting bored. Gagging to start something new.

So yes - this is the penultimate post illustrating me tackling the worse bit of all - the last bit. And for some reason (I do this every time) I have left the hardest bits last. I hate painting the undersides of leaves at the best of times, but these ones are back lit. Oh joy of flippin' joys. Still... I am pleased with the process thus far. For these geezers at the top I am using dry brush because I need to feel like I have a bit of control, even if I don't.

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  1. Oooh, I do know about eagerness to have a project done. I hand stitch large pieces which take months, and would not stay sane if I did not also have small pieces on the go.
    I love looking at the underside of leaves, especially if they are back lit - interesting to read that you are not so keen on rendering them. It's always fascinating finding out what an artist enjoys and what not. Good luck.