Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Black Hole of Ibuprofen

Progress after a couple more days... it's pretty slow going as usual!

As a rare treat I took the weekend off and pretty much slept through it like a cat. I think I managed to grab a wapping total of 3 hours sleep on Friday night after playing catch up on the Rory McEwen programme with a tummy full of tagine. Then I managed to overdose myself on Ibuprofen on Sunday morning. I now pretty much feel like my body has been taken to the absolute brink of disgust what with the heavy metals and paint I consumed in the previous few months added to this latest experience. In Spain Ibuprofen comes in the form of 600mg pills - so I took two of those and then another two. That's quite a lot in 8 hours. Felt comfortably numb for a while it has to be said! Yes... I  know, I should have read the packet.

So the advancement of this particular star ship has been a little slow, but then it is in a black hole. Light isn't the only thing to be warped, days can be lost - even a whole weekend.

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