Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hot Crispy Leaf

Indian Bean Tree, (Catalpa bignonioides) leaf

It's big and it's detailed so it is going to take a while... as usual. I don't mind that though. The days are epically long here now and everything takes an age. It takes an age just to go up the stair case it is so hot, let alone walking down the road to the bakery for our daily loaf. Today I went with a wet towel on my shoulders as I am rather unwell again and last time I was there I got caught in a queue, which was ghastly, as the bakery is probably the hottest place in Belicena right now. 

So as you can imagine, the last thing I want to be doing whilst coughing and spluttering is to be hidden under one blue spot light and one yellow spot light painting. I was sitting in my own little microcosm (love that word!) which must have been a few degrees hotter than anywhere else in the house with all the bulb heat. I even wondered if the area around my drawing bored was hotter than the bakery for a while... So progress is even slower than usual as I am having to take a lot of breaks. 

Although I only show you the top bit, I have also painted a bit at the bottom of this large leaf. I did photograph it, but it was out of focus and I am too hot to go down and do it again, so you'll get that next time folks!  Right... time for a vino.

Indian Bean Tree, (Catalpa bignonioides) leaf


  1. Jess

    Take care, looking after yourself must be the prime function for a while - keep cool, hydrated, you know it all, & easy to say here, but not to achieve in Belicena.

    Love the Chocolate & Indian Bean leaves - again you capture that amazing gloss. While the pineapple gave you some 'rough' texture, to get this on a BIG leaf, have you any Gunnera around? I hate the things, but they do have an amazing structure & texture.

    LED's are often more expensive but have a much longer 'life', due to the reduced waste of energy as heat. The arrangement of the LED's , (circular / linear) may well influence the illumination effect. I'll be interested to hear if you try them out.

    1. Thanks Chris! Sorry taken me a while to respond - it got lost in the system. Feeling a bit better, but not 100% still. It was a really nasty bug. I do have a Gunnera... ;) and am already on the case... Can't wait to start it.