Saturday, 18 July 2015

Painting 'India' in temperatures hotter than India

It's been the hottest on record here in Spain and although they originally forecast for it to cool down this week, it hasn't. As a result it has not been approximately this hot for ten years and even then it wasn't for this long, so the weather is a little unusual it has to be said. We are still hitting 40 degrees every day, which is slowly turning everyone into a zombie. I appear to be absolutely fine with it until I enter my studio. Then it all goes a little Pete Tong with the lamps. Luckily though, today marks a new dawn as I appear to have mastered a new technique - to paint in my bra to Depeche Mode remixes. This has worked wonders. I think it is the Depeche Mode that is summoning me to paint, more than the bra.

Close up on the leaf... it is taking me ages even though I am using a rather large brush.
I have to use a large brush because they are drying out too quickly here in the heat.
Managed to get the bottom out of focus again... Oh well. Here is India in full

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