Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Botanical Art at the RHS Secret Garden Sundays

It's been a while since I have signed into the blogosphere it has to be said, but then I have been incredibly busy and other social networking sites have taken over becuase they have better apps for android tablets. Who would have thought such a technological rat-race would happen right in my hands?! And so sadly the blog was neglected for much of the Spring, but fear not my friends, for I have just logged in and will make more of an effort now I have the summer months ahead of me in the UK.

The Inky Leaves stand complete with 10% discount on prints and bunting to RHS members.
So what's new? Well Last Sunday I took part in my first RHS Secret Garden Sunday event in the Halls on Vincent Square (above). This was a brilliant event full of really interesting stands which were manned by very knowledgeable people. There are plant stalls, food stalls (of which I can vouch the food tasted amazing), tea stalls, seed stalls, cheese stalls, massage stalls, live music (this month it was folk group Effra), do-it-yourself craft stalls and a games corner! My favourite stand was the one for gardeners questions, which was manned by the RHS itself - a good one to remember if you are planning on coming to the next one which is on July 6th. I shall certainly be there on the 6th, and also again on August 3rd and November 2nd. The November one will be an rather grand affair no doubt as it has a special Christmas theme - great for present hunting...

Inky Leaves bunting in action in the garden £9.99/14 piece length (c.4m) Interested? Email me!

Other things from the Inky Leaves studio... well I have been gallivanting around California... as you do. This was JUST what I needed as I completely forgot about everything and after what was '2013' one can only say I needed to forget everything and start over - 2013 was indeed a toughy! So after driving 1500 miles around CA (well actually Henry did that bit) and taking in all the beautiful scenery (yeah, I mainly did this bit) I got back to the UK and did another application for a PhD. Lets see how this one develops... Same proposal, different University. In the mean time, I have managed to scoop up some commissions (which I seriously need to get going with), been grappling with the idea of submitting something to the RHS (still unsure about that though as it would be mean dismantling all my beautifully framed works) and I have been tending to the garden A LOT.
I could go on forever putting images of the wonders of CA up, so I will stick to exhibitions here... The two BEST shows where this one in The Autry in Los Angeles and the Underground Gardens in Fresno, the latter of which is a permanent attraction and well worth a visit. The place is great for botanical artists - so many amazing fruit trees and grafted trees there. You'd probably need to check with them first if you wanted to paint there though.
I have also been doing a lot of sewing and the boarder of 'London Love' is almost complete! YAY! Once this is done I will get on with the text and try to fit in a sky line.

London Love up close

London Love - a work in progress
It's been great reading about what everyone else has been up to while I have laid dormant, especially to hear about the SBA show which I sadly missed as I was across the pond as well as the ISBA's first big show. Well done to everybody - all of the work looked amazing.

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