Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I should coco

A day off from the day job meant I had a juicy day in the studio yesterday and the opportunity of drafting in another leaf. I am enjoying trying to capture the leafy detail in this piece, but I am seriously missing my big pieces of paper and am not really enjoying working on the Artistico very much. It doesn't seem to take the paint off of my brush when I am trying to put in thin lines. I feel like I should have burnished the whole piece of paper first too. I think what I might do is invest in some stiffer brushes in order to get over the paper situation. It's odd really as so many people use it and I thought it would be ok, but now I remember how much I didn't get on with it when I used it for the ISBA Alphabet Project. Funnily enough the only times I have used it is when I have painted for a society - either the Irish Society of Botanical Artists or the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium! Something to  learn from there no doubt. 

So will I be using Artistico again? I should blooming coco!

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