Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cos is Complete!

 Back in October 2013...

Lettuce by Jessica Shepherd
Lettuce work in progress by Jessica Shepherd, Inky Leaves ©


Cos the Lettuce by Jessica Shepherd, 56 x 76 cm, Inky Leaves ©
Cos the Lettuce by Jessica Rosemary Shepherd (2015), 56 x 76 cm, Inky Leaves © £1200 unframed
So I reckon he's finished. I might revisit him later on for a couple of tweaks, but I am pretty much done. I feel I have got to that tipping point where every brush stroke I put on now is ruining it ever so slightly and I am overworking it. It's becoming too tight. Not so much of a Sainsbury's lettuce now... more of a Waitrose product!

So now it's onto the next thing in my brain. I will be working on Darth with any luck tomorrow, but I will also be sending out a lot of emails to people as I need to locate a very nice specimen of Juniperus communis in AndalucĂ­a (I know someone in the National Park here who might be able to help). 

So it's eyes down and... Nobiscum deus!!

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